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  • University of Walter transfers control to local state-owned schools and enterprises

    Shanda Huate announced on the evening of December 30 that the actual controller of the company, Shandong University, transferred 100% of its shares in Shandong Shanda Industry Group Co., Ltd. (including its affiliated company, hereinafter referred to as Shanda Industry Group) for free.
    2019-12-31 10:23
  • Yangtze Power acquires 23% of Jinzhong's shares and becomes Jinzhong's second largest shareholder

    Yangtze River Power announced on the evening of December 30 that in order to further enlarge and strengthen the main hydropower business, the company acquired Datang Yunnan Power Generation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Datang Yunnan) for sale through the Shanghai United Property Exchange.
    2019-12-31 10:17
  • CFDA approves Zaiding Pharmaceuticals to be approved for listing in mainland China

    On December 27, Zaiding Pharmaceuticals, listed on the NASDAQ in the United States, announced that the State Drug Administration has approved Zyler (Nilapali) as a recurrent epithelial ovarian cancer with complete or partial response to platinum-containing chemotherapy.
    2019-12-31 10:12
  • Cement demand in the southern region is gradually enlarged and supply exceeds demand

    Since November, due to less rainy weather, the construction progress of projects under construction in the southern region has accelerated significantly, and the demand for cement has gradually increased. Cement supply in the southern region is in short supply and prices are rising. Officer
    2019-12-31 10:05
  • Xinji Energy once again made a large amount of SSE requirements to explain the basis of judgment and rationality

    Following the RMB 800 million asset impairment loss on Yangcun Coal Mine at the end of last year, Xinji Energy intends to once again provide RMB 1.1 billion in asset impairment provisions for the former, with a total amount of 1.9 billion. Huge sums for this, Shanghai Stock Exchange
    2019-12-30 11:36
  • Kang Yue Technology's decline in performance intends to transfer shares to strategic investors

    Kang Yue Technology announced on the evening of December 29 that the company's controlling shareholder, Shouguang Kang Yue Investment (referred to as Kang Yue Investment) is planning an equity transfer and plans to transfer 25% to 30% of the company's shares to strategic investors.
    2019-12-30 11:34
  • Institutional research reveals that many companies' performance is picking up quarter by quarter

    With the end of 2019 approaching, institutional surveys began to list the orders and performance of listed companies in the fourth quarter and the full year. Statistics show that during the week of December 23 to December 27, there were 75 listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen A shares.
    2019-12-30 11:26
  • 549 companies announced annual report performance forecast total announcement company ratio is 48.45%

    Securities Times · DataBao statistics show that 549 companies have announced their 2019 annual results. The type of performance forecast shows that there are 193 pre-increasing companies and 73 pre-profits, with a total ratio of 48.
    2019-12-27 10:27
  • Vanke's personnel changes frequently in winter and changes in housing industry industry changes

    Following the organizational reconstruction last year and the Dajiang Dahai plan put forward earlier this year, near the end of the year, Vanke carried out a large-scale personnel exchange, and many cities were always relocated from their original areas. 2019 can be said to have always been
    2019-12-26 09:57
  • Broadcom integration with small chip targets, one-stop IoT from ETC

    In the 1980s, when I was in college, the mainstream wafer process was still 25 inches, and then 3 inches, 5 inches, 6 inches, and 8 inches. Now it has developed to 12 inches.
    2019-12-26 09:50
  • 1.233 billion yuan merged smart lock faucet Cadiz multi-level deepening layout of smart home

    On December 25, Tingji Jichuang issued a series of announcements on the issuance of shares to purchase assets and related transactions. The company has planned a wholly-owned acquisition of smart lock enterprise Shenzhen Kaidisi Intelligent Technology since the beginning of the year.
    2019-12-26 09:46
  • Yiwei Li can predict that the net profit will increase sharply and whether it can continue to maintain high growth in the future

    On December 24, Yiwei Lithium Energy released a performance forecast, saying that the company's net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies in 2019 was between 14.55 billion and 16.27 billion, a year-on-year growth rate of between 155% and 185%. among them
    2019-12-26 09:41
  • Huobi China and Tianyin Holdings formally reach strategic cooperation and sign agreement

    In the afternoon of December 24, Huobi China and Tianyin Holdings formally reached a strategic cooperation and signed an agreement. According to the agreement, the two parties will focus on blockchain technology to enable lottery business, industrial solution consulting, and digital business design.
    2019-12-25 10:06
  • Xinghui Precision: It is estimated that the company will realize a net profit of RMB 160 million

    On the evening of December 24, Xinghui Precision announced the 2019 annual performance forecast, saying that the company is expected to realize a net profit of RMB 1.6 billion for the year, an increase of 7727 79% year-on-year. The company stated that
    2019-12-25 10:04
  • Shareholders of Juli Culture's internal disputes continue to have their seals and licenses out of control

    After a big change of members of the board of directors, the internal fighting between the shareholders of Juli Culture (002247) did not seem to have ended. Juli Culture announced on the evening of December 23 that the company has contacted the former chairman many times and asked it to instruct the company to keep the company
    2019-12-24 10:07
  • Cross-border acquisition failed Baiyang shares transfer

    On the evening of December 23, Baiyang (002696) disclosed that the company's controlling shareholders and actual controllers Sun Zhongyi, Cai Jing and Qingdao Guoxin Financial Holdings signed a "shareholding transfer framework agreement", which will be held by a listed company
    2019-12-24 09:42
  • Superstar Technology's 973 million yuan convertible bonds approved for multiple projects to promote industrial transformation and upgrading

    Recently, Superstar Technology received the approval from the China Securities Regulatory Commission and approved the company's public issuance of convertible corporate bonds with a total face value of 97.30 billion yuan, with an issue period of 6 years. The funds raised in this public offering of convertible bonds will be invested in radical
    2019-12-23 11:03
  • Kangzhi Pharmaceutical: "Blood Transfusion" Does Not Forget "Blood Making" Health, Industry Poverty Alleviation

    Children are the hope of the nation and the future of the country. At present, the level of regional economic development in China is uneven, and economic poverty and development difficulties still exist in some remote areas.
    2019-12-23 10:59
  • Baoneng's shareholding ratio is less than 5%

    Baoneng is accelerating its reduction of Vanke. The latest shareholding ratio is less than 5%. It is only one step away from the complete withdrawal. On the evening of December 19, Vanke A announced that it received
    2019-12-20 10:26
  • Chongqing Construction Engineering wins bid again

    Following the bid of 2.2 billion yuan for the Xiong'an New District Expressway Project, Chongqing Construction Engineering (600939) won the bid again. Chongqing Construction Engineering announced on the evening of November 18 that Chongqing Transportation Construction (Group) Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, has limited liability.
    2019-12-19 10:49
  • Smart light pole may play an important role in the 5G era

    Recently, a seminar on the construction of smart light poles and smart cities organized by Sichuan Lighting and Electrical Appliance Association and sponsored by Sichuan Huati Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Huati Technology) was held in Chengdu Wangjiang Hotel. according to
    2019-12-17 10:42
  • Shenzhen Stock Exchange issues letter of attention to Midland New Materials

    Midland New Material (300586), which released the first profit distribution plan for Shanghai and Shenzhen in 2019, had a daily limit on December 16. The exchange expressed great concern about this, and issued a letter of concern quickly, asking the company to verify and explain
    2019-12-17 10:23
  • 100 apps were removed for rectification due to illegal collection of personal information

    The reporter learned from the National Cyber Security Bulletin Center that recently, 100 APPs have been removed for rectification due to illegal collection of personal information, including Fang Tianxia, Panda Literacy, Traveling World and other APPs. Since November 2019
    2019-12-09 16:28
  • Not afraid of the cold after 95 is still buying short skirts

    Nowadays, with the development of technology, many heating artifacts have come out: from charging gloves, socks, and trousers, to baking foot artifacts and warming quilt artifacts. Yesterday, Taobao sales data showed that Taobao double 12
    2019-12-09 16:26
  • The reason why some businesses make gimmicks for "elderly shoes" is nothing more than profitable

    Relevant departments should introduce more detailed management regulations for the silver-haired economy, and severely investigate and punish all types of violations of the rights and interests of the elderly. Do not let the silver-haired economy degenerate into a pit old economy At present, there is a net red production in the footwear market
    2019-12-09 16:24
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