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Chinese company undertaking Vietnam power plant project won praise locally "'Made in China' is worthy of our trust"

来源: 人民日报 2019-12-09 15: 29: 59Source: People's Daily

From potholes to uneven construction sites to modern factory buildings, Chinese companies undertaking Vietnamese power plant projects have won praise locally

"'Made in China' is worth our trust"

From 0 kWh to 100 million kWh to 8.5 billion kWh, the rising power generation has allowed the second interview of the first phase of the Yongxin coal-fired power plant project (hereinafter referred to as "Yongxin Phase I"). The reporter felt deeply. From potholes and uneven construction sites to modern factory buildings, from a few reefs to standardized coal wharfs ... In the past few years, a garden-type power plant has risen (see photo, courtesy of Yongxin Phase I), and local people have witnessed " The “Belt and Road” project goes from breeding to watering to fruition.

Jointly build cooperative projects and build a model project for energy cooperation

"From the first day of production to the November 27th of this year, the first anniversary of the first phase of the dual-machine commercial operation, the elapsed time has been transformed into electricity and transmitted to the major factories and millions of households through the Vietnamese power grid. All participating The Chinese in the construction and operation and maintenance of the first phase of Yongxin felt that the hard work was of extraordinary significance. "Zhang Yong, deputy manager of the production management department of the first phase of Yongxin, told this reporter.

During the open day event held on the 4th phase of Yongxin on December 4, Wu Shanhai, deputy general manager of Vietnam Electric Power Group, awarded the project an "Excellent Power Generation Award". He said that the first phase of Yongxin not only fulfilled the operation targets promised in the contract, but also became one of the largest power plants in Vietnam's power grid system in the past year, which played an important role in guaranteeing the production and living power in the provinces of southern Vietnam.

Yongxin Phase I is the first project invested and constructed by a Chinese company in Vietnam using the “construction-operate-transfer” (BOT) investment model, with a construction scale of two 620,000 kilowatt supercritical coal-fired generating units. According to Xu Jinglun, general manager of Vietnam Yongxin Phase I Power Co., Ltd., this is the first power plant in Vietnam to use supercritical W flame boiler technology. This technology allows anthracite to be burned more fully. Compared with subcritical units of the same type, it can reduce annual emissions. Carbon dioxide emissions are about 20,000 tons. The project will simultaneously construct facilities for desulfurization, denitration, and dust removal. The flue gas emission index is better than Vietnam's national standard. All the reclaimed water after wastewater treatment is reused to minimize the impact on the environment.

In the centralized control room, Vietnamese engineer Huang Wenning is carefully recording the data. He told our reporter that after the first phase of Yongxin was put into production, the advantages of continuous operation of the unit at high load became prominent. Unit 2 even achieved a record of 277 days of continuous operation after the new unit was put into operation. Important load indicators such as average load factor were in Vietnam. COSCO is far ahead.

According to Xu Jinglun, the first phase of Yongxin was jointly invested and constructed by China Southern Power Grid, China Electric Power International Co., Ltd. (China Power International) and Yuemei Coal Power Company, and it is a model project for energy cooperation in the “Belt and Road” initiative. "China and Vietnam will discuss cooperation intentions, jointly build cooperative projects, and share the fruits of cooperation, so that local enterprises can also share the cake of the Belt and Road cooperation."

Pan Yujincheng, the representative of Yuemei Coal Power Corporation, stationed in Yongxin Phase I, witnessed the construction of Yongxin Phase I from the start to completion. He told reporters that in the first half of 2019, Vietnam ’s economic growth was 6.76%, and social power consumption increased by 10.6%. Electricity provided important support for Vietnam ’s sustained economic growth. "Vietnamese and Chinese enterprises strengthen their cooperation in energy fields such as electricity, which will continue to inject new impetus into Vietnam's economic development."

Take social responsibility and strive to create benefits for local people

Yongxin Phase I is located in Yongxin Township, Suifeng County, Binh Thuan Province, South Central Vietnam. It is surrounded by mountains and rivers, but its economic development is relatively lagging behind. The Yongxinxiang Elementary School, which is two or three kilometers away from the project, carries the hope of local future development. The "big friends" from the first issue of Yongxin did their best to help the children of this school fly their dreams.

"Special thanks to the Chinese builders for the toilets they donated for the school, which completely ended the situation of sharing a toilet for boys and girls. The new toilet not only has a flush toilet, but also a sink. Students no longer need to hold their noses. Toilet. "Li Shizhuang, principal of Yongxin Township Primary School, told reporters happily.

After meeting Shen Danjiang, an employee of Yongxin's first phase, Li Shizhuang seemed to meet an old friend and communicate enthusiastically. "Chinese companies are actively practicing social responsibility here, and donating audio equipment and school supplies to our students is very valuable!" Li Shizhuang said.

Facing the headmaster's praise, Shen Danjiang was extremely modest. "We work here all year round and have feelings for it. We try our best to participate in the local public welfare undertakings and hope to repay the people here and the people here. In the process, we in the foreign country have gradually changed from strangers to folks." Shen Danjiang said.

Yang Wen'an, Deputy Secretary of the Binh Thuan Provincial Party Committee of Vietnam, said that as one of the key infrastructure projects in Binh Thuan Province, Yongxin Phase I employed many local workers during the project development and trained a team of management and technical personnel in the power industry. It played an important role in promoting the social and economic development of Binshun Province. At the same time, the project owner also actively fulfills social responsibilities and has contributed to improving people's lives and promoting local economic and social development.

Ruan Qinglong, vice chairman of the People's Committee of Yongxinxiang, spoke highly of Chinese companies' donation of cultural activity rooms for Yongxinxiang. "The brand-new cultural activity room is more than double the size and equipped with air-conditioning, TV, and computers. All important commemorative celebrations in our township will be held here. Chinese companies not only bring investment, but also bear the social Responsibility, and strive to create benefits for the local people, is very amazing! "Ruan Qinglong said.

Achieving complementary advantages and jointly expanding the cake of cooperation

One project, two countries, three shareholders, employees from all over the world ... If the relationship is smoothed, it will release vitality, and if the relationship is not smooth, it will become a resistance. This is also the tangible meeting of Chinese companies that "go global".

"The key is to hold a group." Xu Jinglun said, taking the two Chinese enterprises with a large proportion of investment as an example. Although both are central enterprises in the power system, they have their own advantages and complement each other. China Southern Power Grid's region borders Southeast Asia, so it is authorized as the Chinese executive unit of the Greater Mekong Subregion's electric power cooperation; China Power International has rich experience in the construction and operation of large-scale thermal power plants and professionals. "Including the general contractor and subcontractors, each of us looks like a finger. Only when each finger is firmly held together can we be more powerful. The whole plant is put into commercial operation 200 days earlier than originally planned. Is the best example. "

Li Yupeng, a representative of CLP International, also agreed with this parable. "Although everyone comes from different companies, we have reached a consensus before the start of construction. We need to build an" advanced, reliable, green, and environmentally friendly "demonstration project. Through the practice of the first phase of Yongxin, we have seen that Chinese companies are completely in the overseas market. We can achieve complementary advantages and work together to make a good cake for cooperation. "Li Yupeng said.

In the Yongxin Power Plant, everything from steam turbines to small precision instruments can be seen everywhere in China. Kuang Jun, manager of the China National Energy Engineering Guangdong Institute ’s Yongxin Phase I general contracting project department, said that the project has driven China ’s financing, design, equipment, and construction to “go global”, with a total value of more than 8.7 billion yuan, truly establishing a Chinese brand.

As the main operating value of the centralized control room, Vietnamese engineer He Huiguang is the first time for the whole system to contact and operate "Made in China". "In the smooth operation of the power plant for one year, all equipment has withstood the rigorous test, 'Made in China' is worthy of our trust!" He Huiguang told this reporter.

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